10 Gasoline Brands That are Not “Top Tier” (2024)

10 Gasoline Brands That are Not “Top Tier” (1)

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Many drivers struggle to know if the gas they’re pumping is accurately labeled and free from contaminants like water, incorrect ethanol blends, or other impurities.1 By then, it might be too late—engine damage has already been done.

TOP TIERTM gasoline brands meet stricter standards of having higher levels of gas detergent additives that provide more cleaning power to keep your engine running smoothly.2

Here are some of the gasoline brands that are not on the TOP TIERTM list.

1. 7-Eleven Gas

10 Gasoline Brands That are Not “Top Tier” (2)

Despite being a convenient one-stop shop, 7-Eleven’s gasoline is not a TOP TIERTM gas, which means it doesn’t meet the required level of engine-cleaning detergent additives.

While it may be tempting to fill up due to its widespread locations, drivers concerned with engine health and performance may find better options elsewhere.

2. Alon

10 Gasoline Brands That are Not “Top Tier” (3)

Alon gas stations, while regionally popular, don’t make the TOP TIERTM list either. Like 7-Eleven, this suggests their fuel lacks the higher detergent levels needed to keep engines clean and running efficiently.

This means it’s not suitable for everyday use, as it could lead to engine buildup after approximately 4,000 miles of driving.

3. Amoco or BP

10 Gasoline Brands That are Not “Top Tier” (4)

Amoco and BP, once a popular choice for gas, are now falling behind. After merging in 1999, they haven’t been able to keep up with the newer, better fuel standards.

One key issue is that they don’t meet the “TOP TIER” standard, meaning their gas lacks important cleaning additives. Without them, you could face problems like lower performance and worse gas mileage.

4. Circle K

10 Gasoline Brands That are Not “Top Tier” (5)

Circle K used to be a good option for gas, but not anymore. It’s no longer certified as a Top Tier brand, meaning it doesn’t meet the high standards for fuel quality.

Experts warn that Circle K gas might leave harmful deposits in your car’s engine. This can lead to worse gas mileage and other problems down the road.

5. Love’s

10 Gasoline Brands That are Not “Top Tier” (6)

Despite its friendly name, Love’s gas won’t do your car any favors. It doesn’t contain the special additives found in higher quality fuels.

These additives help keep your car’s engine clean and running efficiently. Without them, you could end up with dirty parts and worse gas mileage.

6. Pilot Flying J

10 Gasoline Brands That are Not “Top Tier” (7)

Pilot Flying J is a popular rest stop for many travelers, but it doesn’t have enough of the special cleaning ingredients found in better quality fuels.

These ingredients help keep your engine clean and running smoothly. Without them, your car’s fuel system could suffer.

7. RaceTrac

10 Gasoline Brands That are Not “Top Tier” (8)

RaceTrac gasoline does not have high levels of detergent additives. It’s not TOP TIERTM certified, which means it doesn’t meet the higher standards for detergent content set by the Top Tier program.

Detergent additives prevent engine deposit buildup, which can lead to reduced performance and fuel economy.

8. Safeway

10 Gasoline Brands That are Not “Top Tier” (9)

It’s really convenient to get your groceries and gas all in one place, like at Safeway. But, while it seems easy to fill up there, Safeway gas isn’t TOP TIERTM.

This means it doesn’t have the special ingredients that help keep your engine clean. Over time, this could lead to a build-up of gunk that hurts your car’s performance and gas mileage.

9. Sheetz

10 Gasoline Brands That are Not “Top Tier” (10)

Sheetz, known for its made-to-order food and convenience store offerings, doesn’t boast TOP TIERTM gasoline.

While it may offer competitive prices, its fuel might not be the best choice for those seeking to maximize their engine’s lifespan and performance due to the lack of superior detergent additives.

10. Sam’s Club

10 Gasoline Brands That are Not “Top Tier” (11)

Sam’s Club might seem tempting with its low gas prices, but it might cost you more in the long run. Their gas doesn’t have the same quality ingredients as the better brands. These ingredients help protect your engine and keep it running smoothly.

Without them, you might end up with engine trouble, which can lead to expensive repairs.

Choosing the right gas for your car isn’t just about the price at the pump. It’s about investing in the long-term health of your vehicle. TOP TIERTM certified gasoline brands ensure your engine stays clean, efficient, and less prone to costly repairs.


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10 Gasoline Brands That are Not “Top Tier” (12)

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10 Gasoline Brands That are Not “Top Tier” (2024)
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