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The Bungle amily JUDITH coPvniCMT kwo ar cmolsca it as the Judy had few feet As was UPON TIME cherishing that my HO HUM GETTING A SLIGHT headache Rates Reduced on Phone Calls to Buenos Aires George Cohan playwright trav eled with a road show when a I boy of eight playinc a Addle in the orchestra riding donkey in the parades and selling song books tn hotel lobbies THE HEXT ROOM AGAIN Labor Report Working days lest in England due to disputes arising from proposed reductions in wages totaled approximately 3000000 in the past four years according to a statement of Miss Margaret Bondfield Minister of Labor DON'T EEL MUCH LIKE GOING OUT THIS EVENING EVEN ON THE VWM IM WHW time NOW? PEGGV rM'k fl stare oaruno from the WAY YOU fctl UAAMPW THE CBUNG ANYONE WOULD SUPPOSE THAT HAVING dinner on A VATWT WAA AN EVERYDAY AffffAIR THEREB the CHAPTER XXXVIII i JMr roia uiaeon to pay you back for Mr Stornaway He had looked right inside the shell of Judy Grant whom he had considered fair game from his point oi" view and he had seen something that made him turn his eyes away this is your he said and his voice broke you like to call it He looked at her with something piteous in his eyes suppose I deserve it I shall suffer for it but I shall try to make you suffer what I should have expect ed of you Mr change your not you going to marry anybody else that I know you lying to a thing 1 often She smiled mockingly find the truth serves me well enough And now 1 think better go got an appointment in a few HE turned toward the door Rage and hatred were in his soul and the niadnes of baffled desire which would companion him for many a day but he controlled himself shall try to make you change your mind 1 shall live for that! waote your she said much better forget all about me sailing for Sweden next week I shall be away all the Summer Itches Vanish when antixptic Zemo is used! Soothing liquid Zemo brings wonder fill relief to bites rashes and prickly heat Its cooling touch also soothes the pain of sunburn Thousands are discovering comfort in Zemo when they have itching peeling toes or 2t years it has been used to clear away pimples and itching scalp ine for mosquito bites Get grease less invisible Zemo today and keep it hand AH druggists 5c Gte 1 Ad vt I An Ailing CHILD 1 ARC TIGHT AS it happened the Ecos set the seal on ca reer The northern countries went mad about it There was something in that interpretation of hers much elaborated since she had first danced in a in Bruce music room that aroused a species of nervoas enthusiasm in the beholders Gossteivitsch went to Stockholm with her and to Copenhagen' add to Christiana and to several other towns in the Scandinavian coun tries He conducted his music The two were on terms of the closest friendship Judy warmed to the genius for life as well as to his art In many ways she found a kindred soul in him Judy was very happy as an artist must be when her work not only satisfies herself but delights the pub lic She knew that she had never done anything better than the Scot tish dance She knew it because it rest of the summer planning to live abroad a good i shall follow I advise you be able to help myself Her name came groaningly from his lips It was an appeal Even now he could not understand but she made a little gesture of dis missal and he had to go She followed him to the door and watched him go along the corridor His great bulk hung forward he shambled bowed at the shoulders She thought he looked like a moun tain about to tumble down She was not quite sure that there was not scrap of pity for him in her heart She went back to the couch and sat down her hands hanging spirit less beside her She had been false to what she had meant to do She had meant to marry Gideon for sake She had meant to prove to Alan Steyne once and for all that i she was worthless and ready to sell her self for gold That would have done the trick she knew Steyne would have loathed and despised her and would have turned to Chummy But she bring herself to do it when it came to the point She was a coward that was the truth Her triumph was a failure after all With a tremendous sigh she went and tidied her hair changed her hat put on a light wrap and went down stairs asking the hall porter to call her a cab She was due at one of the smaller concert halls at 6 Gregor Gossteivitsch was coming there to a room that they had hired He was bringing a friend to play over to her certain parts of the that he had composed for her He had not been satisfied with the finale the last time and she was to dance it in Stockholm at an early date He could not play it himself because of his broken wrist which however was doing as well as could be expected As sfee drove to the hall her de pression spread itself over the won derful Scottish ballet music of the young master and she wished he had never written it for her Thru her closed lids she saw that gray green acene of mountain and fir trees and brawling streams with the pale sun illuminating it But for the ingratitude of it she would have decided then and there not to give that dance She felt all of a sudden that it would be un lucky that it would bring evil in its train By the time she reached her destination she dreaded the beautiful as those given tv superstition dread the evil hamleu as the recipe i the wrapper reads If you see Chas letcher's signature it is genuine Castons It is harmless te the smallest infant deckers will tell you so i You caa teU frssa the recipe ea 2s 2r mJ CSC aMMl how good for little syatesas 'centime ridi Cafltena oata a i in her refusal althofhey tried to persuade her to change her mind She was so glad that Chummy was going to be happy fit had all came out right but she dance the Scottish dance that night She did not dance Scottish dance but she danced as she had never danced before (To Be Continued) told you quietly wlat you said to about been all the carried it in revengeful spiteful hateful little He spluttered the words out He looked at her murderously but she was no longer afraid ean call me what you she said night when your sister came to supper at your flat sneaked aw and left me alone with you and you lockeihyour front did you want to "marry me tl en A sudden stillness fell in that very ordinary hotel sitting room It became a theater and a silent drama was played out in tw looked at each other risen and they stood a arart voir want to marry me that she asked again Those forces and feelings that We dormant in the hearts of men were active and astir The roon quivered with them It was an atmosphere a of battle The two measured each other as adversaries and real ized that all along they had been en gaged in a fight And the man knew that he had lest In those moments he looked into the naked soul of little Judy Giant and he knew that he had lost more than just a girl whose beauty and charm his covetous eyes had desired He saw her pride and hei strength and her purity and he Are you prcpre4 to reader first aid and quick comfort the moment yoor youngster: ha an upset of anjr sort? Could yoa do the' right though the emergency came with out perhapa tonight? Castoria is a mother's standby at such times There is nothing like it in emergencies and nothing better for everyday nseJ or a sudden attack of colic or the gentle relief of constipation to allay a feverish condition or to soothe a fretfol baby thaf caa't tietf This ration is always ready tn ease an ailiar youngster It is just Judy laughed think very Wise Aitd you said you had to pay $200000 to1 get out of was your he said His voice was sharp with exaspera tion here you are queening it with Gossteivitsch to make love to I think very the girt returned fiercely judge other men by marry her now seen you again Gideon said fl ridiculous You ought to marry always a the ghost of one Mr Punch take my word lor it He leaned across the table wineb zranninA nawinn na he ever likely to feel glowed in his eyes your name will diways be written on my he said Mr Punch only because you get He pushed back his iron chair The feet of it ground on the stone floor and set her teeth on edge She rose too Gossteivitsch came out They went to the car and headed back to Bergen Just before she started for the theater a tfote was brought to her by hand It had been sent before the yacht sailed and was from Gideon He reproached her for her behavior to him and said he would be in Paris for her autumn (season He wrote other foolish things such as a man writes whose emotions are out of hand Judy read them with curling lips 1 But the sting was in the tail al tho he wrote the postscript quite in nocently: I By the way Stornaway (writes me that your fair haired friend Miss Morley and her young man (are getting married at last I wonder if you know You used to be so much worried about her 1 Judy refused to dance the that night She persisted hurt her so much Each time she danced it it hurt her more when she closed her eyes and thought of little house among the Maine hills and that was always the moment that brought the house down Gossteivitsch told her one morn ing that he had heard from Gideon He had been ill and was at Aix les Bains Quite suddenly one day Gideon appeared It was about six weeks later and Judy was dancing in Ber gen Gossteivitsch was leaving the party as he had news of the serious illness of his mother who lived in Rome yHe came in one morning to sitting room with his cus tomary bunch of flowers and told her that Gideon was with a party of yachtsmen who had put into the port for a few hours has offered to take me across to Hull mademoiselle" he explained "It will be the quickest way for there is no boat until tomorrow and they are leaving this shall miss you she answered warmly I do hope you will find your mother She did not even mention Gideon so the pianist returned to the sub ject Gideon hopes you will allow him to see you all she said careless ly you would like to arrange it When the time came she found that she had no feeling at all about meeting Gideon They drove out to the little cafe in the woods where Judy ordered coffee and the men drank beer Gideon looked more like late nights and self indulgence than like a cure at Aix He never took his eyes off Judy GOSSTEIVITSCH went in to pay the bill and Judy and Gideon were left alone in the creeper clad veranda are not looking well Mr the girl said your he answered crossly la la! I heard te be married after may" "The same lady?" NO MATS IN THE NEXT AAWTMENT noMvoea sw on my MEE WASH EO AS COOU AS VOU LOOK PEGUM time ts rr Nowr WONDER THEBES THE PHONE AT LAST DANCING 0 COQAIJC STANTON ULATU M0SKCN THXrU WEAR WHAT TIME IT NOW? bnt rr hot in these STUY BOOMa rM IM aeiiiMO TOOL I CAN EEU ONE Off THE SEAMS IN THIS THERES THE PHONE Charge Is to Be $30for irst Three Minutes Instead of $36 Beginning August 1 Rates on telephone calls between Washington and Buenos (Aires will be $30 for the first three minutes and $10 for each additional minute instead of the present rate of $36 for the first three minutes and $12 for each additional minute beginning AC 1 i The new rates just 'announced by the American Telephone Tele graph Co will be the same as those in effect on trans Atlantic calls to London of YUMA The of is in process on the Yuma mesa and the local lime market has registered a hew high Cold drink stands on the mesa are competing with local drug stores! in concocting new lime drinks Consumption of limes was rated at 1500 a day as compared to 500 before hostilities broke out CAe ABOUT LhhWlr OO VOM OEAI fTflf lAHA? 'vtxtt mhnof homey MAM tdDftC TKMPEIt MV IS ALREADTRSO AS mr AaOUT DIMMER ON A Bld YAtMT HEAVENer DAVS fMAWNEI Tuthill lx 2 vou wonv Nomcaf By i 1 wi vioajii 1 I'VE WT KA ga rl jnrZ 1 5 1 j' a gK I TP Mff CBBt tt tlWB I 1.

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