Twice-Baked Potatoes Recipe (2024)

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The filled potatoes freeze very well. The trick is to not defrost them before baking, otherwise they get mushy. Bake the frozen, filled potatoes at 375 for 30-40 minutes or until you get the desired browning on the tops.


I make two halves of the whole potato and do not throw out either side.

Tom Mueller (via Dan Jackson)

My family called these "company baked potatoes" because my mother only made them when she had a dinner party. Like another reader, she cut in half, no waste for the child of the depression era and she didn't add cheese. They were finished in the broiler. I am making these for the first time, a year and a few weeks after she died at 101. Her technique of scooping got all the way down to the skin, but that was a lifetime skill. Merry Christmas

Karen S

Found a wonderful use of the top 1/3 potato skin. Had the skins this morning filled with scrambled egg, a bit of diced ham, a bit of cheddar cheese, dollop of sour cream and chives. Brushed skins with olive oil, baked at 450 for about 5 minutes, stuffed the skins with scrambled eggs, put the diced ham and cheese on top & baked for about 5 more minutes until the cheese melted. Topped with dollop of sour cream (greek yogurt would work) and chives. Oh, good!


Using foil to catch the oil was the dumbest thing I could’ve done. Sheet pan makes more sense.


Oiling the potatoes while baking softens the skins and crispy skin with creamy filling is the my family's ideal. I slice the baked potatoes in half and while mashing the innards with sour cream, lots of butter and salt, I put the shells back into the oven to dry out and crisp some more. Fill the shells, top with lots of cheese and back into the oven to bake until cheese is melted - or broil a bit to brown the cheese a bit quicker. Delicious.

Mary Sayler

Have been making stuffed potatoes for years sans chives and cheese only on top. My family has made these potatoes without the cheese and sour cream since I was a child and that is more years ago then I care to count. You can freeze these before baking and thaw them before reheating. I sprinkle cheese on top and some paprika before baking and bake the stuffed potatoes until slightly puffed and brown. Sometimes I put leftover salmon in them YUM.


I‘ve been making these (or something very similar) for years and it‘s always a winner. Depending on the size of the potatoes they can be pretty filling especially if used as a side, so I usually cut them in half after baking and fill both sides. Personally I prefer crème fraîche to sour cream and never bother with oiling them first. Just prick them & bake them, there‘s plenty of flavor in the filling. Also no milk, therefore more cheese :-).

Fred Stone

if you're kosher but are thinking soy "bacon" chips, try a few anchovies instead. or some smoked salmon.

Craig Faustus Buck

You can always finish under the broiler to get them to brown.


BaconChopped MushroomsOther kinds of cheeseThick Greek yogurtCilantro, Basil or Parsley (after baking)GarlicRed Pepper FlakesRanch dressing (or the mix)TBP are comfort food that can be personalised and still be scrumpcious!


Delicious and easy but destroyed a cookie sheet. Line with foil!


When I was young my parents would take me to the Spindletop Restaurant in NYC. I always ordered twice baked potatoes which were wonderful. For years I could not figure out what they put into their potatoes to make them out of this world. Years later I figured it out. It was a bit of white bottled horseradish strained. Add a very little at a time and keep tasting. I a,ways make more potatoes then I need so I can taste them. I add the horseradish last.

Diana Breen

Make sure potato is VERY baked (1+ hour at 400). Mash potato with sour cream, butter, cheese, salt, pepper before adding steamed broccoli. Put stuffed potatoes in 400 degree oven for about 25 minutes.


Very good. Crowd pleaser. Needed more time in the oven to achieve a nice crispy crust


If you score the potatoes around the middle horizontally before baking, they will easily and neatly pop open with very light use of a knife and have nice clean edges.

I'll Follow The Recipe Once

Very yummy. With a few dashes of hot sauce, that's all I need for supper.Leftovers are a tasty breakfast potato-- cut across in slices and pan fry in oil or butter. Also add hot sauce.


Prepared according to directions. Came out great!

George W Bang

This is so simple yet so delicious. The crunchiness of the skin is what elevates this above mashed potatoes.

additional comments

Add more cheese.

Mary Otterson

I make the cheddar with chunks of ham or cooked bacon and make an alternate few for myself with cambozola and either chives or chopped green onions. I love the creamy blue tangy flavor.


Wish I read this before I wrapped them each in tin foil to bake.


If you cut in half, you have twice as many items. Some like the smaller size, some eat two.


I thought it was great and will make it again. However. I used huge baker potatoes and cut them in half. They are a lot of food - half is plenty.


Add diced grilled chicken, bacon/turkey bacon bits to the filling mix for a little more protein - delicious!


I replaced the sour cream with cream cheese. Delicious, solid recipe.

Nancy Chek

Didn't use the milk. Didn't need the milk. (In the middle of a snowstorm, I realized I was out of milk and decided to use leftover chicken broth--but I didn't need it either.) The butter and sour cream was all my potato innards seemed to need to be soft and fluffy.


For a "once" variation, just bake a potato the usual way, open up, and add a generous scoop of tuna salad. I first ate this at a restaurant in Edinburgh, where I kept returning for more.

Teresa Davis

Don’t discard the tops!!! Freeze for potato skins when you need a quick meal. Fill with leftover meats (ham), veggies (broccoli), cheese.

Crisco, Mexico

how many hundreds of these I have made over the years, many wrapped in foil and thrown in the coals of a cooking fire* on the ranch in extremely conditions. Yeah yeah, the perfectly browned top is essential to the tweezer plated presentation. I always scoop out the potato from the sliced-off top, then put the top back on the potato. *If you cook over open fires, you need one fire for the guest-poking fire, and one for the cook who is the only one allowed to touch it.

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Twice-Baked Potatoes Recipe (2024)
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